Sociotype Yesenin

Intuitive Ethical Introvert INFP

Do you have a friend or a girlfriend in your environment while meeting with whom you are very relaxed, no matter what negative mood you are in? Do you come into harmony, relax, or immediately come into balance just by talking to her for a couple of minutes on the phone?

Intuitive Ethical Introvert INFP

In socionics, such people are called Lyricist or the Yesenin psycho type, its second name, an intuitively ethical introvert. Who is this, and why are they named after the lyricist?

I will tell you a short biography of Yesenin. Who was Yesenin? This young guy was very popular with influential people, especially women. And he was always seen at the best parties, in the best bohemian places, always with exciting, mighty, and powerful women. How did he know how to lure them to him, manipulate them so that they were his protégés, and so on? It’s all his character.

First, this psycho type has an intuition of time and understands when one can approach, who to choose and when one can communicate with them.

The type always superbly manages its intuition. And its second function is the ethics of emotions. What is the ethics of emotions? It is also called the ethics of contact, it’s when we know who we can turn to now, or we can not, what word to say or not, how to support certain kinds of people, what kind word is needed right now, how to inspire.

The representatives of Lyricist sociotype are positivists. A positivist is a person who sees only some positive aspects in everything, for them all is beautiful and everything is good. Therefore, when we are next to a person in a difficult moment, we can still tell them some positive things.

This person is absolutely not rational, and always acts according to the situation, at the same time this type is also an introvert. That is, they are profound. These are Lyricist people who are very fond of art and books. People of these sociotypes are one of the best poets, writers who can tell about wonderful feelings, about some era. If we take the same poet, Yesenin, what was his trick? He perfectly described the era of his time, in which he lived and which was already leaving. The era of villages, the era of this countryside, and so on. It is what he was able to skillfully convey with emotions

Yesenin dual

Yesenin’s duals are strong people next to them, or rather, who Lyricists are often close to. These are strong-willed and sensory people, and I call them Tyrannosaurs Rexes. That is, they are as powerful as possible, quite complicated people. But not for Yesenin!

I call Yesenins the dragon tamers because they know what moment and whom to approach, and what word to relax a person with.

Дуальность в соционике: Жуков | ESTP и Есенин | INFP.  Анна КучинаДуальность в соционике: Жуков | ESTP и Есенин | INFP. Анна Кучина

All people who Lyricist types interact with, who are their activators, duals, semi-duals, and people who are suitable for them, are volitional sensors.

They are always very tense and Yesenin is the psychotype that can relax them.

A person who can find an approach to anyone, especially cope with a person who has a very difficult character, is Yesenin.

At the same time, it is generally accepted that Yesenins are, let’s say, pretty careless; they don’t know how to count money, they don’t know what to do, they are spineless, and so on. It is not true. In fact, it is incredibly cool to observe the psycho type in a stressful situation, then you can see how Yesenin mobilizes, because after all, his dual is Zhukov. Yesenin type is always around such influential people, and it can concentrate, it can be focused when needed, and when not required, it can relax. That is, this is how the intuition of time works. Lyricists use their energy very economically and always work in the correct mode so as not to be wasted. They can work when it’s necessary, when it’s an urgent need, or when there is a lot of inspiration.

That is, these are people who cannot work from morning to night. They should work only by inspiration, and when you meet such a person, it makes no sense to claim that they didn’t do something or didn’t work there. This person can do great things with inspiration, but they can’t work from 8 am to 6 am. 

Yesenin has a conflicter – this is the Stirlitz sociotype, which is incredibly efficient. This is a so-called harvester person who can work 24 hours daily and process a tremendous amount of energy. So, for example, my mother is this psychotype, when she wakes up in the morning and goes to the bathroom, it seems her hands turn into some mechanisms which clean and collect and fold something simultaneously. 

Thus, this is a person who is incredibly industrious, who has a well-developed logic, which Yesenin does not possess.

In fact, Yesenin does not like chaos; this type loves order and structure. Due to the fact that his duals are structural logic people, Yesenin appreciates a strong will and a grip and knows the approach to all people. Therefore, a person who can find a key to anyone, especially handle those with a complicated character, is Yesenin.

Yesenin examples of profession

  • *Work with people
  • Poet
  • Copywriter
  • Theater and film actor
  • Speaker
  • Teacher
  • Coach
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