How to understand yourself and create the life of your dreams
My name is Anna Kuchina. And I will help you get to know your real Self, find your purpose and create harmonious relationships!

Why you need to know to achieve your goals...
How does your brain work?

Everything that is in our life - once arose in our brain. In the form of desire, emotion, impulse...

It is he who directs our reactions, actions and helps to achieve what we want.

But if you do not know how to control your brain and thoughts, and why certain reactions occur, your life is filled with conflicts, discontent and disappointments.

Do you want to get rid of it forever and live in harmony?
Анна Кучина | Чем я полезна для тебя.Анна Кучина | Чем я полезна для тебя.

If you've been dreaming of...

The ability to understand yourself, your desires and get rid of imposed goals
Ideal relationship with a partner
Realization of your mission and potential
More income that will come easily into your life
The ability to quickly restore your resource and inspiration
Work that will bring pleasure
Getting rid of fears and insecurities
Increasing your self-esteem and self-worth
Happy relationship with child and parents

Sign up for my personal consultation, where we, with the help of

Constellations according to Hellinger
... and other working methods, we will determine exactly how to solve your request and achieve your desired goal!

My name is Anna Kuchyna

  • Certified specialist in socionics.
  • I am a specialist in system constellations according to B. Hellinger. I study psychoanalysis and much more.
  • Studied at the Spiritual University of India O&O Academy.
  • Master of Laws, Lawyer. She has held senior positions in construction and law firms.
  • I.Franka Lviv University, Master of Laws;
  • International Institute of Depth Psychology, specialty: practical psychology, psychoanalysis;
  • School of coaches Diana Shcherbanskaya;
  • Theological University of India O&O Academy.

What topics and questions can we work on during a consultation?

  • revealing your features and uniqueness
  • see your strengths and weaknesses
  • revealing purpose
  • I reveal the maximum realization of the potential
  • disassemble who is the ideal partner (for business and relationships) and where to look for him
  • work with programs, fears, insecurities
  • approach to people with a complex character
  • happy relationships
  • happy parenthood
  • features of building relationships with an existing partner and / or child, taking into account their peculiarity and individuality

What clients say
After our personal work

отзыв Лена Токареваотзыв Лена Токарева
Алла Силкина отзыв Ане КучинойАлла Силкина отзыв Ане Кучиной
Отзыв Марины Ане КучинойОтзыв Марины Ане Кучиной

Как проходит работа?

  • 1
    We conduct a typing test and determine your psychotype. In total, there are 16 psychotypes in socionics, one of which you belong to. This test determines how you interact with yourself and others.
  • 2
    We reveal your innate inclinations and you clearly understand in which profession you can realize yourself to the maximum.
  • 3
    After that, we work on your request and determine the best options to solve your situation.